Personal Details
Name:Karl Sheldon Wacey
Address:Menin 118, 664 57 Menin, Czech Republic
Telephone:00420 602 765 341
D. O. B.:19 September 1966
Marital Status:Married

Higher EducationQualifications
1987 - 1990Liverpool UniversityB.A. Hons. History
1991 - 1992Wirral Met. CollegeH.N.C. Business Management
April 1994Trinity College, LondonT.E.S.O.L.
1998 - 1999Trinity College, LondonLicentiate Diploma
2009 - 2011Liverpool UniversityMSc. Int. Management (Distinction)

Work HistoryPositions
1990 - 1991Liverpool Theatre SchoolAdministrator
1991 - 1992Liverpool MuseumAssistant curator
April 1994Forward 2000 Training CentreBusiness Management lecturer
1998 - 1999Summer School in ChesterEnglish teacher
2009 - 2011Till English Academy (CR)English teacher
1995, 1996Summer School in OxfordEnglish teacher
1997 - 2003ELC Bristol (UK)English teacher / Hall Warden
1995 - 2000Brno English Centre Ltd. (CR)Director of Studies
2000 - 2002IH/ILC Brno Ltd. (CR)Director of Studies
2000 - 2002British CouncilExternal Oral Examiner
2002 - 2003ABB Ltd. (CR)Administrator CHTET/PTHV
2003 - 2009Freelance businessmanEnglish teacher / Proof-reader
2006 - 2012Newton CollegeBusiness English teacher on the College's Undergraduate programme
2012 - Freelance businessmanOnline English teacher

Teaching experience - classroom time

I have been teaching English as a foreign language since April 1994. My experience covers all levels from beginner to proficiency. In addition, I have successfully prepared students for the following examinations: Pitman elementary, Pitman intermediate, FCE, CAE and CPE. With regard to Business English, I have taught from lower intermediate to advanced, assisting the latter with preparation for BEC (Business English Certificate) Primary, Vantage and Higher.

DoS experience - management background

As DoS, I was required to do the following: allocate students to classes according to ability; allocate teachers to classes based on their experience; produce timetables for intensive and evening classes, and organise substitution for absent teachers. Furthermore, I had to monitor student progress in the 4 skill areas and keep appropriate records, e.g. mock examinations. This ensured that the students were given professional advice visone-aone-vis the examinations they were to be entered for. Finally, it was my responsibility to make sure that the students were properly prepared for these examinations, and that the teachers knew what was involved by doing so. With regard to the Cambridge exams, IH/lLC Brno entered 34 students in June 2002, of which 32 passed. This constituted one of best years ever for examination results.

ABB - industry experience

From 2002 to 2003, I was employed as a native speaking administrator for the international company ABB.
My duties included:

Newton College

From September 2006 to 2012, I was employed as a qualified Business English teacher on the college's Undergraduate English programme at Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC) Primary, Vantage and Higher levels.
My duties included:

Online English teaching

Since March 2012, I have been working as an online English teacher offering Business and General English courses which have been designed to provide my students with essential speaking opportunities, accurate pronunciation models, vocabulary acquisition and grammar input, all of which are taught through the four skills of listening, writing, reading and speaking.