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English grammar exercises

Here are some useful English grammar exercises for you. Be sure to come back soon, as I intend to post more exercises regularly.

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Present tenses » Answer key

Past Simple and Past Continuous » Answer key

Past Simple and Present Perfect » Answer key

Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous » Answer key

Past Perfect and used to » Answer key

The future » Answer key


Can, could, be able to, may, might » Answer key

Must, mustn't, have to, don't have to » Answer key

Deduction » Answer key


Some, any, no » Answer key

A lot of, much, many, a few, a little, few, little » Answer key

Each, every, all, both, most, some, none, both, either, neither » Answer key

Adjectives and adverbs


Adjectives and adverbs » Answer key

Adverbs of frequency » Answer key